Posted : Nov 04, 15

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Presentation by Awarded Companies of "Japan's Most Admired Companies"/MOBIO Cafe Meeting on Nov. 2

MOBIO Café Meeting is an interactive session. On November 2, MOBIO Café Meeting started from factory tour by visitors and ended in technology and human resources development presentation at the MOBIO Tech Hall. Following the the presentation, participants moved to the place of cross industry gathering.

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Part I : Presentation


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As a professional manufacturer of spring, it provides various types of coil springs, wire springs, flat springs, including heat resistant springs and 17 m length springs for trial production and mass production of automobiles, electrical equipment and other industries. Moreover, it provides mail-order services for small lot orders.

●HR development

Its corporate policy of "Balance management to bring happiness to employee's hearts" was explained by a flip chart. Particip-ants were amazed to have learned its generous program for employees, even allowing four months leave for world wide trip.


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As a thin wall machining specialist, it provides products with highly accurate machining at a micron unit (roundness, flatness and parallelism) for thin wall shape and round flat shape.

●HR development

It opened the accredited vocational training school by the local government, Yamagishi Technical Center, the only school organized by the SME in Japan. Its center helps improving workers' skills and developing human resources to contribute future society.


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Based on customers requirements, it produces various resins using its methacrylate ester, styrene spherical polymer particles by suspension polymerization and post treatment technologies. One of its product, Hi-Pearl, has high molecular weight with narrow molecular weight distribution, excellent in weather resistance, transparency.

●HR development

It implements "Small but Excellent" as corporate management policy. Employees are able to increase their paid holidays by one day each year and overseas training at every two years. And it helps workers to leave the office timely by sounding a chime at 16:30, an end of standard working time, another sound quarter minutes later and the third sound at 17:25 when almost every workers left.

4) "Japan's Most Admired Companies" management office

The management office explained conditions to apply the 6th award of "Japan's Most Admired Companies" and closing date of application as November 16, 2015.

P1040594 大賞イメージ

And a foundation of Kansai branch of "Japan's Most Admired Companies" management office was announced its opening ceremony on December 11 in Osaka.

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Part II: Cross-industry meeting on frank-mannered talks

Watch, ask and talk. All participants enjoyed business discussion and noticed some hint for future operation.

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See you at the next MOBIO Cafe Meeting and let's talk about future plans!