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"Osaka's TECH Surprise" presentation by the Team MOBIO on July 12 / View VIDEO & Read Articles / MOBIO Cafe Meeting

Following to Tokyo's trade fair, the Team MOBIO (consisted of eight companies) displayed their products and panels. Throughout their advance study to June Tokyo fair with the communication specialist, they have created new catch phrases and banners first time for a major fair.
Visit the MOBIO Tech Hall and view "Osaka's TECH Surprise" special exhibition, that will be held till August 26.

MOBIO Cafe Meeting is a cross-industry gathering. It offers opportunity to participants asking any questions freely. If you have any request or questions to presenters, please send it to MOBIO (Click here).


<Presentation and Catch Phrase>

●SIMOTEC CO., LTD.(More info.):

下西技研.JPG 下西技研もの.JPG

It has three core technologies of mechatronics, magnets and heat.

(1) Mechatronics field: Japan's market leader of mechnical hinges for OA equipment. (2) Magnet field: Solutions based on magnetic field analysis. (3) Thermal field: Thermal analysis simulation through model production.



マツモラ.JPG マツモラもの.JPG

Regardless product size or production quantity, it has established an integrated stamping system from mold production, stamping, bending, welding to assemblying.



進功ブラスト.JPG 進功ブラストもの.JPG

It developed new technology to create a galss polishing disc by blasting glass plates. Mounting the glass disc to a automatic polishing machine, its disc is capable to fine polish using by diamond abrasive grain.



枚岡合金.JPG 枚岡合金もの.JPG

It manufactures forging dies for the complicated fabrication materials. It is possible to provide one-stop production and working on enhancing lifetime of the dies to cost reduction.


●SHIGEHARA MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. (More info in Japanese):

繁原.JPG 繁原もの.JPG

As a precision machining manufacturer it fabricates gears for automobile engines and transmissions. As a milestone product, it produced the world first multistage speed reducer for electric vehicles.


●RASK INC. (More info. in Japanese):

スイサク.JPG スイサクもの.JPG

RASK is a hard metal that is easy to fix and has exclusive functions to absorb noise and/or vibration. Mounting to the equipment stands, it assists improvement of measuring accuracy, failure reduction and production cost reduction.

●K. M. SEIKO CO., LTD. (More info):

ケーエム1.jpg ケーエムもの.JPG

Its M-Lock nuts provide elastic spring effects and achieves repeated usage, that are widely used for automobles. And made-to-order construction self-drill screws are rust proof.


●DENKENSHA CO.,LTD. (More info. in Japanese):

電研.JPG 電研もの.JPG

By using its machinery including 5 axis MC, it manages to form complex shapes, process and assembly. Controlling layers of fabric sheet, it manages hardness of CFRP sheet.


<Off the Tech Hall>

Frank discussion continued overtime and the meeting finished with Osaka style hand clapping by a communication specialist.

DSC00836.JPG 0712全員.JPG

The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting will be hosted on August 24 by Neyagawa city companies.
Read on for details and register participation in advance from here!