Posted : Nov 16, 16

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Nov. 9 MOBIO Cafe Meeting / "Takumi" Companies speak out

The cross-industry meeting in the MOBIO Tech Hall is filled with topics. On November 9 "Takumi" (excellent) companies explained their state-of-the-art technologies. Participants shared information and asked many questions to speakers.

P1090966.JPG P1090925.JPG 

<Technology Explanation>

(L) K・H Industry Co., Ltd.

(R) Matsumora Industry Co., Ltd.

P1090919.JPG P1090926.JPG

(L) Keitsu Electronic Co., Ltd.


P1090935.JPG P1090938.JPG

(L) Sugimoto Industry., Inc.

(R) Hikari Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

IMG_1029 - コピー.JPG P1090945.JPG

(L) Saitoh Lighting Co., Ltd.

(R) Towaron Co., Ltd.

P1090952.JPG P1090955.JPG


<Off the Tech Hall>

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Frank discussion continued overtime and participants were relaxed and enjoyed their free time as much as possible. We, at MOBIO, really look forward to collaborate with participants all the year round.


MOBIO Café Meeting is a cross-industry gathering, held twice a month. It offers opportunity to participants asking any questions freely.

The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting is scheduled on December 1 as the joint session by Toyota city companies and Northern Kyushu companies.