Posted : Jan 19, 18

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High-Tech explanation by "Challenge For The Future" exhibitors / Jan. 15 MOBIO Cafe Meeting

Floating switch, physical condition surveillance sensor, power unit for ultra compact satellite, reinforced glass fiber by adhesive material and more were explained in the Cafe Meeting.

●Parity Innovations Co., Ltd.: Floating Image Technologies

Without contacting actual switches, AC power can be activated or deactivated just by touching the floating image of swithes. This is very helpful tool at medical places.

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●Taisei Kogyo Co., Ltd.: Metal injection molding, or MIM

Injecting metal powder to molds by MIM technology tiny medical devices are produced for laparoscopic surgery. Paper thin metal sensors are by creating porous metal.

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●Sense-Pro Corporation: Surveyllance sensor

Monitoring electricity consumption at local homes and transmitting to smart phones at distant location, it can be possible to know changes of physical condition in advance.

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●Aerospace Technology Research Exploration

Under surrounding temperature from -60C to +200C, a power unit installed in a compact satellite at the size of 10 cm3 operates without fail. So far ten units have been mounted and launced in the space.

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●MG Consulting Co., Ltd.: Presicion plastic mold

Collaborationg companies in the city, it concentrates last finishing at high accuracy of plastic injection mold. Mass production is scheduled in the Viet Nam factory.

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●JAPAN STAR Co., Ltd.: Nano bubble shower nozzle

Its patented shower nozzle is equipped with 856 holes at 0.1 mm diameter. It does not only eliminating air bubble in water but also creating nano size water bubbles and percolating water.

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●Front Lab Inc.: Glued carbon fiber application

Applying patented adhesives, it has new technology to reinforce polypropylene by pasting recycledd glass fiber sheet. Thermal insulation is obtained by pasting glass fiber to honey comb materials.

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●PRD Co., Ltd.: Deodorization, mildew-proofing & antibacterial products

Blending Japanese WASABI pellet into a film or a sheet, it produces deodorization, mildew-proofing & antibacterial products.

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●Topman Industries, Inc.: Shaping the cloth without any sewing

Its seamless products are useful for people with sensitive skin, such as senior people, people having a skin rash and so on.

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●Machine Maintenance Services Inc.: Degassed water generation

The patented degassed water generating equipment removes oxigen bubbles in tap water at homes and assists antioxidation of cooked foods.

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"Tell me more about this technology", "How does it work ?" and etc. Participants discussed with exhibitors in in front of booths and continued talks with drinks in hand.

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The MOBIO Cafe Meeting is scheduled to be held on Febaruary 2, hosted by METI-KANSAI (The Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry).

Companies exhibiting at "Kansai New Selection 2018" will explain awarded technologies.