Posted : Feb 14, 18

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Feb. 2 MOBIO Cafe Meeting / 7 companies from "Kansai New Selection 2018" exhibition

MOBIO started "Kansai New Selection 2018" exhibition in the MOBIO Tech Hall. Seven exhibitors explained their technologies and products on February 2.

P1150783.JPG P1150790.JPG


Wave Technology Inc.: Wireless power supply system design

P1150739.JPG P11508000.JPG

Asahi Precision.Co.Ltd.: Electroless plating for water repellent and antibacterial surface

P1150749.JPG P1150803.JPG

KM United Inc.: Tile look painting

P1150754.JPG P1150801.JPG

Kashihara Keiki Co.,Ltd : Hybrid water meters

P1150755.JPG P1150805.JPG

Kinjo Rubber Co., Ltd.: Soft guideway mat for a visually disabled person

P1150764.JPG P1150808.JPG

Sakigake-Semiconductor Co., Ltd.: Plasma powder processing apparatus by fluidized bed atmospheric pressure

P1150771.JPG P1150814.JPG

Takahashi Rensen Corp.: Sterilizing and bacteriostatic chemicals

P1150776.JPG P1150810.JPG

Meet and Talk in the MOBIO Tech Hall. That's the first step for the new business!



Coming up the next MOBIO Cafe Meeting on March 1. Drop by MOBIO to meet twelve companies from Okayama.

Date: March 1 (Thu) 17:30 though 20:30