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Develop the new forging technology in the next generation by hot and cold composite-forging technology with machining touch up / "Meet the President" Interview #63

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview. The latest "Meet the President" article is Ms. Yamamoto of YAMACO CO.,LTD.

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- Hot-forged products, cold-forged products, Hot and cold composite-forged products


●Hot forging, cold forging + machining -> Premier forged products

ブログ用 プレス機.jpg

(L) The new air stamp hanmer with made -to-order color

(R) The facility for 630t stamping machine has been painted with popular cartoon station design


YAMACO is known as a reliable forged part supplier for automobile, train, industrial machine and other market. Headed by the new CEO, Ms. Yamamoto, it has updated forging technology to produce fine shape parts by combination of hot & cold forging and machinning operation.

Yamamoto said, "Adding to standard material - iron, YAMACO is adding new materials like titanium, cobarion, inconel to forge and has several patent pending technologies. It is now our strength to have developed forged products for a medical and an air industry, we are capable to forge even CFRP materials to be applicable in the next generation."


●Prepared for the future

PA030548.JPG 測定器.JPG

(L) The new horizontal machinning center

(R) 3D measuring device for quality assurance


"When I was assigned as the CEO of the company, I made it my role to let all employees to fully aware of an annual coporate policy, and to unify ISO activities to PM improvement activities. So I sat down with them and had a full review of issues. Now it becomes obvious that employees voluntarily behave what they should do without any request from me," Yamamoto said confidently. From management point of view,Yamamoto intentionally introduced hi-tech machine to assist technological challenges and colorfully painted machinery or housing to make its firm as a redesigned factory fitting to young employees.


Yamamoto said, "Whether application of our product is for space or other hitech industry, we wish to create the new product as a redesigned forging company. And some day we will produce branded products." YAMACO is proceeding further to become a improved company.

Interviewed on October 3, 2018

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