Posted : Mar 23, 20

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【Amazing Technology without a Trick】It's connected to the SDGs! Opening new markets with recycling / reusing technology

At the MOBIO Tech Hall, you can discover amazing technologies! Please study state-of-the-art technology displayed at the MOBIO booths and explained on the WEB by OSAKA SMEs.

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are recently adopted by the United Nations. Please take a look at companies directly involved in recycle/reuse business.


*KOTEC CORPORATION  Carbotex brand polycarbonate resins, Filtex brand PPS resins

P1090047.JPG KOTEC_Photo_02.jpg

KOTEC is known as the No.1 in PC recycling in Japan! One of the large amount of waste from factories in Japan is plastic defective or unnecessary materials discharged during production process and inspection. With Kotec's unique recycling technology, about 1400 tons of them are recycled and processed into pellets every month.

The goal is to achieve a recycling-oriented society through domestic recycling operation, that does not rely on imported materials.


*KITAI SEISAKUSYO CO., LTD. Injection molding, Extrusion net molding

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Good for the office floor! KITAI manufactures many building materials made from 100% recycled PP resin. There are plenty of types depending on the installation purpose, for raised floor (OA floor) type and underfloor ventilation type.

In addition, among products that utilize extrusion molding technology, there is a plastic net for packaging for food and industrial materials called "Alpha Diamond Net" made of pure resin.