Posted : Feb 26, 21

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Amazing "Made in Japan" Tech! IH treating such a large work! FUJI ELECTRONICS introduces a vertical movement large induction hardening M/C

This is the state-of-the-art technology developed by Japanese SMEs.

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FUJI provides optimal solutions to various heat treating issues by high-frequency heat treatment. New technologies are being developed one after another through heating coil processing, high-frequency heat treatment machine design / manufacturing, high-frequency heat treatment, and contract heat processing.

High frequency heat treatment is possible not only for small items but also for large items such as those shown in the video. FUJI has an IH heating machine to handle large workpieces with a width of 3m, a length of 15m, a height of 2m, and a weight of 40t.

View detalils by VIDEO.

At the booth of FUJI ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY on the 1st floor of MOBIO Tech Hall, visitors can study heat treated work pieces and their even hardening result by FUJI's high-frequency heat treatment.