Posted : May 20, 21

Category : Company

It's an amazing "Made in Japan" Tech! Here's the story behind the development on "Smile Shield" by SANKO GIKEN

The MOBIO coordinator interviewed Tech Hall exhibitors how they haveyou developed and manufactured the exhibits by utilizing their exclusive core technologies. Tips found in daily life are used to solve problems. At the MOBIO Tech Hall and MOBIO WEB site, search for "The Latest Made in Japan Tech".


SANKO GIKEN manufactures "Smile Shield" as an anti-infection product. The company has established a core technology of stamping out printed circuit boards, liquid crystal sheets, etc. at a positioning punching process of ±5μ accuracy.


It stated to develop from a comment of a CEO's daughter in an elementary school, "Daddy, I can't notice the teacher's facial expression with a facial mask."
SANKO focused on a neck-hanging type because it is easily to put on and take off without feeling stressed even wearing a long time. In order to maintain a stable three-dimensional effect, SANKO had to make more than 100 prototypes . And finally it arrived at the "Smile Shield," a three-point support for the neck and both collarbones that utilizes 3D bending press technology.