Posted : Jun 24, 21

Category : Company

A new exhibitor, the air blower manufacturer KYOEI displayed a miniature "Cutter Blower" to show the "Amazing Made in Japan Tech"

This is the state-of-the-art technology developed by Japanese SMEs.

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KYOEI MANUFACTURING manufacturers large blowers, high-pressure blowers and silencers. The new exhibitor prepared a "cutter blower" miniature model to show its features of suctioning, crushing, and pneumatic conveying of paper.

The blower is displayed with the cover removed so that visitors can see the structure of the blower and the rear side of the blower cover such as the cutting blades on the fan, the jagged cuts on the back side of the fan cover, and the position of the fan on the air outlet.




モデル.JPG 切削部品.JPG


Its accumulated skills in can manufacturing and machining enable KYOEI to design and manufacture blowers based on a variety of specifications and installation conditions, including large models. In addition, the quality control unique to blowers, such as high-precision balancing adjustment of rotating parts such as impellers and shafts of machines, is also realized.

They are are just a few of the KYOEI's ingenious features.