Posted : Jun 06, 22

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Releasing two new models from the patented "Nature Mirror" / HORIUCHI MIRROR INDUSTRY CO., LTD.

In June, HORIUCHI displayed its new product in the MOBIO booth annex, MY DOME OSAKA.




The patented Napure Mirror is a mirror that "reflects the real skin color as seen by others". CEO Mr. Horinouchi explained the new products added to the series.

2 Way Folding Mirror

A folding type makeup mirror that allows users to change the height of the mirror for makeup. It can be used at two different heights: normal and high. Available in four colors: black, beige, bordeaux and navy.

Maki-e Mirror: A product that combines traditional Japanese craftsmanship and a makeup mirror

The name of the patterns are traditional: Namiura Fuji, Red Fuji, Fuji and Cherry Blossoms, and Maiko

This compact mirror comes in a set that includes an equal-size mirror and a 3x magnifying mirror, both of which are decorated with maki-e lacquerware.

View details at PR video released by HORIUCHI.

Two Way Folding Mirror

Maki-e Mirror