Posted : Nov 28, 22

Category : Company / Event

Visiting a factory, there are many products and parts utilizing treasured skills. Visualize them with images and videos and transmit them in an easy-to-understand manner / Introducing "Made in Japan Tech" by SHARP FOCUS

MOBIO Cafe Meeting, a cross-industrial meeting held with all possible measures to prevent the spread of COVID19 infection, including masks, hand disinfection and sufficient ventilation.
On November 22, three exhibitors explained their technologies in front of their booths. After the presentations, business cards were exchanged and individual discussions were held in front of the booths.



SHARP FOCUS takes photographs for advertising materials and produces videos explaining products and introducing companies. It says there are many surprises in products and parts seen from a creator's point of view, as opposed to a manufacturer's point of view. SHARP FOCUS processes these "treasures" with images and video, and produces them with expressions that would not be possible for a manufacturing company to come up with. Many of these products and parts are used on the websites of manufacturing companies.


Please watch the explanation of the amazing technique while introducing the takes photos and videos.

Examples of production are displayed at the booth on the 2nd floor of MOBIO Tech Hall. Visitors will be surprised to see the booth, saying "Pencil sharpeners can be promoted in this way?"


And please visit the MOBIO Tech Hall to see the latest technologies of new exhibitors.

Click here for a list of exhibitors