Posted : Jan 18, 23

Category : Company

VIDEO: First aid kit for mold manufacturing sites? Must-see for die manufacturing companies / KONISHI METAL MOLD

This is the state-of-the-art technology developed by Japanese SMEs. At the MOBIO Tech Hall and MOBIO WEB site, search for "The Latest Made in Japan Tech" to have improved product features and functions. 


The owner of the "amazing Made in Japan Tech" introduced here is KONISHI METAL MOLD ENGINEERING, which designs and manufactures innovative process-shortening press dies. It can provide a complete set of necessary tools to solve the "what to do" problems that occur at mold makers. What is its tool set, named " First aid kit for mold manufacturing sites"? Watch the video to find out.




Please visit its booth on the 2nd floor of the MOBIO Tech Hall to see stamped parts manufactured by its CORNICHE® branded hybrid stamping mold.