Posted : Feb 09, 24

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VIDEO: Tech for bonding things previously thought to be "impossible to adhere". The new exhibitor, WAKITA can do it using "Amazing Made in Japan Tech"

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The core technology of a new exhibitor, WAKITA, is the development and manufacture of adhesives, binding agents and modifiers.



Utilizing adhesive technology, WAKITA has developed Recycled Carbon Fiber Board, Ultra-strong elastic double-coated adhesive tape, Adhesives for thermoforming and etc.

These products are characterized by...

*Recycled CFRP board: Laminated press product manufactured by injecting a proprietary strong adhesive into recycled non-woven carbon fiber

*Ultra-strong elastic double-coated adhesive tape: Strong adhesion to resins and metals, with an elongation rate of 500%

*Adhesives for thermoforming: Easy bonding of materials known to be "difficult to bond"


Watch the video for the rest of the story.


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