Posted : Mar 11, 24

Category : Event

Yes, possible! Stable welding quality of pipes with holes / "Amazing Made in Japan Tech" by NOJIMA CO., LTD.

This is the state-of-the-art technology developed by Japanese SMEs. At the MOBIO Tech Hall and MOBIO WEB site, search for "The Latest Made in Japan Tech" to improve product features and functions. 

On March 4, participants were able to casually ask anything, such as "What can you manage with your inhouse jigs?" and " What did you notice when starting display in the Tech Hall?" at the MOBIO Cafe Meeting.



*Stable welding quality with measures to prevent weld distortion and confirmation of hole positions: Utilization of self-developed specific jigs

*Aesthetic maintenance, simple painting: Sanding for a more beautiful and injury-free exterior

*New exhibitor's insight: the need for PR methods and PR content that are easy to understand for third parties.


Watch the video for the rest of the story.


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