Posted : Dec 24, 13

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Continuous Opening of the Worm Reduction Gear Market is a Secret of The Market Leader / Meet the President #28-Mr. Makimura

MAKISHINKO's flagship product, a worm reduction gear, maintains the leading position in the Japanese market.

Because MAKISHINKO's worm reduction gears offer quiet and smooth operation reduction gears through a clever combination of proprietary gear technologies, as well as using special lubricants for low noise operation or other special needs and the joint development of gear materials, their market spreads from automobile industry, marine industry, medical industry, plant and to others widely.


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"INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview.

No.28 is Mr. Makimura of ***MAKISHINKO CO.,LTD. (Read more) ***

- Worm reduction gears, Screw jacks, Precision planetary reduction gears


With a smile, Makimura said, "We work like a dog to meet the order to make demand though major companies might not respond."


●Never turn tail to a demand

ウォーム減速機A worm reduction gear

Makimura said, "A worm reduction gear market in Japan is a mature market. To survive in such a market we have focused to custom order market with shorter lead time, where the competitors would not tackle. That's our strength." One of the "Innovation and Challenge" at MAKISHINKO is to establish a shorter lead time system that enables to supply the custom order gears on the same condition as a standard models. "A marketing group and a manufacturing group collaborate to every request from customers such as shortening length of a shaft just a little bit. So we have reorganized one of our factories fitting to such a need."


●Door-to-door sales

P1040382 In-house study

They have new market opening program. Firstly Makimura and marketing staff review potential gear market to identify the target market. And they invite a specialist in the market to the company and study possible solution services for customers. Then it is the time for marketing staff to go to the field with a challenging spirit, "MAKISHINKO spirit". "Introducing our products to the totally new market we always broke out in a cold sweat as if walking the tightrope. But we never turn tail," Makimura said.

Makimura takes further step to assist marketing activities by a new project of aluminum-body gear development, that will open another market of lighter gear equipment.

●Underwent a transfiguration

活躍フィールド Application

Through their continuous new market openings, MAKISHINKO has established a diversified customer base. As a result, under a recession, they could maintain business volume and stable financial content.

Originally they supplied gears only to conveyors, and have expanded market of a construction machinery, a stage, a playground equipment, a food service, a medical equipment, a measuring device, a communication equipment, an IT related device, a house and a solar cell panel. Their gears are widely used at rocket launch pads and at revolving sushi bars.

They also make effort to receive confidence and satisfaction of product quality from customers. During a recession period, Makimura initiated ISO9001 application as one of survival method. After a year and half they could receive an approval and have improved quality a lot. Even after product delivery, MAKISHINKO's staff visits quickly once customer called for any reason.

"We listen to customers' voice and find a need for a new business. It is our business platform to visit customers' site frequently with a MAKISHINKO spirit ," Makimura said.