Posted : Jul 27, 21

Category : Event

MOBIO BACKUPS Chan Vol. 9: "Dual-Role Player" Chocolate and pancakes? / ABE WORKS LTD.

MOBIO hosts an internet meetup, Web Cafe Meeting, by five MOBIO BACKUPS with a guest exhibitor in Japanese. They are chatting and thinking on "ways for easy-to-understand communication".

* MOBIO BACKUPS is a designers group,exhibiting in the MOBIO Tech Hall.







1) Parabola.Design Spacial architect

2) OFFICE NAKAJIMA INC. Advertisement production

3) YUKI COMPANY INC. Website design

4) FAYCOM INC. Branding of companies and businesses

5) SHARP FOCUS INC. Advertising Photography and video shooting


The guest company cuts both thermoplastic and thermoset plastics. What's the secret behind its Dual-Role Player's approach?

In this interview, the BACKUPS members and the guest had a great time talking about how to communicate skills, such as "both chocolate and pancakes" and "lolled and smart".


Enjoy an executive summary VIDEO in three minutes.


Click here to view a full version VIDEO.


Information on ABE's various cutting parts is on display at its booth on the first floor of the MOBIO Tech Hall.