Posted : Oct 07, 21

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A proposal to prevent coring by changing bevel shape to heelless! It's another "Amazing Made in Japan Tech" by MORITA SEISHINSHO

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The discovery of foreign objects in vaccine bottles has been reported one after another. One of them was a piece of rubber.

The tip of a normal injection needle is cut at an angle. If the needle is inserted at an angle or if the needle is rotated while being inserted, the rubber lid is scraped off by the bevel heel of the needle, and rubber fragments are formed to fall into the bottle. This phenomenon is called "coring".

vs coring.jpg

MORITA has released a dedicated web page on its website and made a suggestion to prevent coring. "How about changing the bevel shape of the needle?"

The pencil point process is to reduce the diameter of the pipe from the bare pipe by swaging (drawing process) and make the tip close and sharp. Additionally, it is possible to make a hole in the side of the needle for suction.

For more information, please visit their dedicated page in Japanese:


At the booth on the second floor of the MOBIO Tech Hall, various needles are now on display.