Posted : Feb 27, 22

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The new CEO'schallenge in the consumer goods market, starting with "discomfort and chit-chat". MOBIO BACKUPS interviewed on Feb. 25

MOBIO hosts an internet meetup, Web Cafe Meeting, by MOBIO BACKUPS with a guest exhibitor in Japanese. They are chatting and thinking on "ways for easy-to-understand communication".



Guest: BIZEN CO., LTD.

MOBIO BACKUPS: (See details of MOBIO BACKUPS from this Link)


The challenge by the new CEO is to aggressively develop new markets with the belief that "failure is the path to success". In collaboration with a product designer, it was able to produce product such as aroma diffusers.

...and on and on BIZEN and BAKCUPS casually exchanged ideas.

The Importance of Discomfort

Replacements and chit-chat

The hardest in the world? Chess pieces


Enjoy an executive summary VIDEO.


Click here to view a full version VIDEO to know details.


Visit MOBIO to find out products and parts made by BIZEN at its booth on the first floor of the Tech Hall.


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