Posted : Jun 21, 22

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Strengthening internet presence is a must nowadays! GODO POLY INDUSTRY updated its WEB site to make its amazing "Made in Japan" Tech even easier to understand

This is the state-of-the-art technology developed by Japanese SMEs.

At the MOBIO Tech Hall and MOBIO WEB site, search for "The Latest Made in Japan Tech" to improve product features and functions.  



GODO helps customers solve their problems by embossing functional plastic films with high rigidity and high melting point, which are difficult to process on the surface, such as PET film. The renewal of its website has made it even easier to search and use!

For the new website of GODO in Japanese

*Search by problem: Products to prevent peeling, to roughen the surface, to add shape, etc.

*Performance/function: Optimum products for light diffusion, mold release/peeling, surface roughness, etc.

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Samples of various embossed films are exhibited at the booth on the 1st floor of MOBIO Tech Hall. Please take them in your hands to check them out.