Posted : Feb 14, 23

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Welcome to MOBIO from African countries! Presented a case study of an SME manufacturing company going international

Visitors will discover "Amazing Made in Japan Tech" developed by SMEs at MOBIO Tech Hall.

African visitors attending "Investment Promotion and Business Environment Reform" training program at JICA toured the Hall. They were lively during the tour, putting stickers on a map saying "I am from here" and taking pictures in front of a monitor with a welcome message mentioning "This is the flag of my country.

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●Example of company explanation
EMTOPIA, a full-service prototyping manufacturer, has factories in Japan and Vietnam. The company operates its business under the motto of "faster, more accurate, and more beautiful" in response to customers' requests.

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(Left) Explanation of prototype techniques in front of the booth

(Right) Introduction of the Zero Fighter special exhibit


MOBIO Tech Hall can also be used for training. Please visit and book in advance for group tour in Japanese.