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Meet the President #92: Wishing to establish an attractive company by cultivating workers together with the local community / ITO GEAR WORKS

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview. The latest "Meet the President" article is Mr. Ito of ITO GEAR WORKS CORPORATION.



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- Gear cuttting, grinding and design of various gears


●Invest in young people and equipment, and become a company the local community can be proud of.

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(Festival picture by Kishiwada city)

ITO has continued to hire new graduates for more than 10 years, and the current average age is below 40, which is exceptionally low for a SME manufacturing company. The fact that young people have been able to take root in the company is largely due to Mr. Ito's temperament, which he has cultivated through his experience in the management organization of DANJIRI festival. The festival management naturally fosters a culture in which elders take care of and support young people.


ITO was able to significantly reduce production defects as a result of organized.3S activities. Young people were selected as committee members and after several years, they were given a clear vision of career advancement as chairpersons, then as group leaders in their respective departments, which led to increased motivation.


●Aiming for nationwide sales in Japan with 800-diameter bevel gears as a weapon

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"Recently we purchased an 800φ bevel gear processing machine from a company that went out of business due to the pandemic disaster. There are only three or four companies in Japan, and we are probably the only SME in the Kansai region that has this type of machine. So we hope to use it as a showcase for widespread sales activities," Ito said.

The company has many customers throughout Japan, but its goal is to have customers in all 47 prefectures, and its vision for the future includes the construction of a new plant. The company is also looking into the possibility of increasing the number of in-house processes to include the assembly of gearboxes.


Interviewed on January 17, 2023


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