Posted : Aug 17, 23

Category : Company

VIDEO: The wheelchair gets transformed! What is the purpose? Technology can facilitate the development and design of new products. The new exhibitor, MAKOTO BIONICS can do it using "Amazing Made in Japan Tech"

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MAKOTO can create new values using power assist development and & design capability.



The CEO, appearing in a wheelchair, explained the theme of the company's product development, which is currently seeking partners. The product is extraordinary as it enables an electric wheelchair to convert into a power-assist suit, useful for traveling over obstacles such as steps, stairs, and ditches.

Moreover, it is engaged in various contract development and design services based on accumulated power-assist and robotics technologies. MAKOTO assisted in mass-producing development of "Stacking Ramp", step difference-elimination slope by providing basic design, strength analysis, and other services.


Watch the video for the rest of the story.


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