Posted : Jun 17, 24

Category : Company

This can be manufactured! A large ring with high-precision machining (roundness 0.05 or less) with an outside diameter of Φ2000mm was displayed at the Special Exhibit Space by SHINWA IRON WORKS

There is a Special Exhibit at MOBIO Tech Hall where exhibitors introduce "featured" products.

This month, SHINWA IRON WORKS displayed a full-size replica ring that is too large to display in the regular booth. Manufacturing of ultra-large ball bearing outer rings (φ2000 x width 200) made possible by its "technology of machining to a perfect circle". Visitors over 2 meters tall are requested to bend over, while those who are not so tall are requested to walk straight and go under the ring to view the exhibit.

伸和画像2.jpg P1280932 rv.jpg



Its main products include lifeline-related parts and bearing parts:

*Large-size bearing inner/outer rings and parts Machining

*Machine tool and construction machinery parts machining

*Parts for ships and plant equipment

For a detailed explanation of the exhibit, watch this video.