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Product line

Inner and outer rings and parts of steel bearings

Deformed pipes and fittings of water and gas supply

Components of machine tools and construction machineries


Kazutoshi Maruyama

Description of business

SHINWA is one of the few companies in Kansai area, Japan, manufacturing large components for bearing units and various industrial machineries. It fabricates 2000 mm in outer diameter from one piece to mass production. Responding to customer’s needs quickly, SHINWA always provides valuable products at high quality, reasonable cost and on-time delivery.

Products and Technologies

Ultra-large product precision processing

Outer diameter 2000mm at roundness 0.05 or less

Extra large outer ring of ball bearing (diameter 2000 x width 200mm)

● Special skill
SHINWA is confident in the main technology to produce a perfect circle by utilizing expertise obtained through its track record in processing bearing parts.

● Accurate processing even very large products
Although material stress, shrinkage by processing temperature and distortion during processing has a great effect to operation, its unique machining expertise achieves a roundness of 0.05 or less and an dimensional accuracy of ± 0.2 or less even with an outer diameter of 2000 mm.

Machine tool parts
(Vertical and horizontal hole processing, O-ring groove processing, cast products)

● Applicable business market
1) Large bearing parts: Wind power generation, railway vehicles, steel rolling processes, machine tools, large construction machines, etc.
2) Water and gas pipes: Deformed pipes and fittings

SHINWA's technology serves the foundation of all industrial fields.

● Material to process
Regardless single part production or mass production, it is capable to process bearing steel, SUS, and cast iron (FC200-FCD600).

Ultra-thin processing

High accuracy even for thin products!

Bearing case, wall thickness (1.5mm), machined

● Commitment to thin-wall processing
In machining, when the wall becomes thinner, it becomes more difficult to process and to stabilize dimensional accuracy.
Please be assured! SHINWA has the thin-wall processing technology cultivated since its foundation. Even thin ring products are manufactured with particular attention to dimensions, roundness and roughness.

Advanced technology and thorough quality control

Arm type 3D measuring device
(Measurement range: diameter 2500mm)

SHINWA installed many inspection / measurement devices such as arm type 3D measuring device, 3D measuring device, shape measuring device and roughness measuring device that can fully respond to large precision products, and focus on quality control.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
4-4-34, Hirano Higashi, Hirano-ku, Osaka city, 547-0043, Japan
Kazutoshi Maruyama
Founded / Established
1974 / 1976
Company URL

10,000,000 yen