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Rollers for UV printing

Roller cleaning equipment

Adhesive rollers for removing dust


Mr. Eiji Asao

Description of business

Techno Roll is a manufacturer of rubber rollers, providing the whole world with its uniquely developed, high-quality products. The company leads the world in rollers for UV printing and adhesive rollers for removing dust. The products it develops are widely used, and are held in high regard. In addition to its own products, the company also introduced superior rubber materials from foreign countries. Besides rollers, the company also develops machines. Two systems that the company has designed and manufactured according to customer requests are its ink density control device and its automated cleaning device for various kinds of rollers. Techno Roll welcomes inquiries for anyone have problems with rollers or roller accessories.

Products and Technologies

The globally accepted standard in rubber and resin rollers

Techno Roll can help your company achieve cost savings while improving quality.

Trust series Resin rollers for UV printing applications

Techno Roll is a manufacturer and vendor of rolls suited to a variety of printing and industrial applications.

Their Trust series of resin rollers for UV printing and coatings has already been adopted as a standard by many equipment manufacturers.
Techno Roll has licensing agreements in 12 countries, of which they locally manufacture and sell printing rollers in eight.
They are currently inviting companies interested in licensing to join them in setting the global standard even higher.

Clean Dash series Adhesive cleaning rollers

For industrial use, the specially formulated rubber adhesive rollers in their Clean Dash series use the adhesive power of the rubber itself to remove dirt and dust.
When the surface of the adhesive rubber becomes covered with dust and dirt, simply wipe it clean with a solution to restore the roller to its full strength.
Techno Roll can set the roller interval to suit your production line, matching the amount of dust and line speed to ensure the automated cleaning process is efficient.

Dust Hunter - Continuous automatic cleaning roller device

Techno Roll strives every day to improve quality through its on-going R&D program, fulfilling their customers needs whatever they may be.
They welcome requests from customers no matter how small.

The Dust Hunter, An Automatic Continuous Dust Removal Device

The Dust Hunter is an automatic continuous dust removal device that utilizes the Clean Dash sticky rubber roller developed by Techno Roll.

With a simple, light touch, this sticky rubber roller eliminates dust and static electricity without affecting products in any way. Furthermore, continuous dust removal is made possible by the Dust Hunter’s special feature for automatically cleaning dirty sticky rollers, which also guarantees easy maintenance and safe operation.

The Dust Hunter is available in a variety of product lines and can be customized to order according to specific requirements for the types and quantities of dust to remove.

The Trust WL, Antistatic Roller

The Latest Development in Techno Roll’s Trust Series of Leading Products

Techno Roll’s Trust rollers are number one in the Japanese market for ultraviolet printing rollers.
The Trust WL retains superior performance, while incorporating a new electroconductive function that moderates surface electrical resistance.
This prevents the generation of static electricity, a persistent problem during waterless printing, making it ideal for customers performing gravure, seal, cup or waterless flat plate printing.

In addition, Trust WL tends not to expand in the presence of most solvents, including solvent coatings and ultraviolet inks. As a result, it can maintain an even coating film, an added benefit for a variety of roller coatings.

The Trust WL roller: Now used by leading digital imaging printer manufacturers in the US and expanding throughout the world.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
Person in charge

Oversea Sales Chief

Sumihiro Ikejiri
3-4-5 Techno Stage, Izumi City, Osaka, 594-1144, Japan
Hiroshi Nishiwaki
Founded / Established
1979 / 1980
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25,000,000 yen
Major account
Manufacturers of printers, optical film, ink and automotive parts, as well as printing companies and metal printing companies
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