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【Meet the President #75】YAMAOKA adds value to cooking equipments with technology and ideas

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview. The latest "Meet the President" article is Mr. Yamaoka of YAMAOKA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.

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- Commercial gas cooking appliances, Outdoor gas heaters


●Pursuing "Genuine product" with a focus on design and deliciousness

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Left: Triangle

Right: Yakio

One of the products materializing "creative and high-value-added manufacturing" is the commercial gas stove "Triangle." By planning and designing a removable tripod integrated burner, pop-up spark plug, etc.,YAMAOKA develped a new gas stove that is easy to clean and has beautiful shape. Yamaoka says " This product has opened a new market for commercial cooking equipments, where design has not been emphasized until then."


Another challenge for Yamaoka is to add value of "deliciousness" to cooking equipments. That is a gas griller "Yakio", dedicated in "deliciousness" and has a grooved surface to remove excess oil from the meat on an iron casting plate. When Yakio was introduced, it was well accepted by commercial people seeking deliciousness and its sales exceeded the initial target. Yamaoka noticed "Even old items are possible to upgrade to new ones by applying ideas.

This is a typical example of Yamoka's strategy to become a European-style SME.


●Original and high value-added product manufacturing


Left: Electronic air curtain

Right: Patio heater

YAMAOKA has opened the door to new markets using its core technology.

It is developing products to create a comfortable environment by applying existing technologies, such as oil smoke filters used in smokeless roasters, and introduced electronic air curtains preventing cigarette smoke, and smoke / deodorization systems.


Yamaoka also decided to design and manufacture the outdoor heating equipment "Patio heater". The robust design based on its own technological capabilities and the acquisition of third-party certification has earned it a reputation for safety. Now inquiries to patio heaters have increased from all over the country due to the demand increase of outdoor eating due to the influence of the new coronavirus.


"COVID19 could be an opportunity to rejuvenate the company. If all the employees are facing the same direction with corporate catch "Designing heat and air flow" to work, YAMAOKA INDUSTRY can still keep growing." Yamaoka said so strongly about the future.


Interviewed on November 2, 2020

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