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Product line

Commercial gas cooking appliances

Outdoor gas heaters

Environmental equipments


Hidefumi Yamaoka

Description of business

… Designing heat and air flow…

Yamaoka Industrial is engaged in the planning, development, manufacture and sale of equipment, including commercial kitchen appliances, commercial grill tables, caf appliances, household cooking appliances, outdoor heaters, environment-related equipment and the OEM manufacture of metal goods.

Products and Technologies

Designing heat and air flow

Product Line

Yamaoka Industrial Co., Ltd., designing heat and air flow

1.SILK ROOM brand

Commercial cooking appliances, outdoor heaters, etc.

(1) Kamameshi Gattsu Rakuraku (stove for cooking rice pots)
Fully automatic, microcomputer-controlled stoves. Customers can select from a full range of 4-burner, 6-burner and 10-burner models according to their space requirements.

(2) Smokeless roasters
Duct-type smokeless roasters allow for a pleasant restaurant ambiance.

(3) Patio heaters
Outdoor heaters are effective if set up at outside tourism and leisure facilities.

2.Chantoru brand

Environment-related equipment

(1) Electronic air curtains
Ionic wind is used to block the flow of cigarette smoke, etc.

(2) Grease filters
Adsorbs and processes oil mist and cooking fumes from kitchens, etc.

3.BLUEMAC brand

Café appliances

(1) Gas siphon bar equipment
Gas appliance for brewing siphon coffee, which also combines a sense of interior design.

(2) Coffee machines
A variety of coffee extractors and manual and automatic models are available.

4.Yamakin brand

Household cooking appliances

(1) Table-top grills
Used widely for both commercial and general household applications.

2) Household takoyaki grill
Because it uses a gas stove, the takoyaki (octopus dumpling) grill produces delicious dumplings.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
2-7-30, Togo-Dori, Moriguchi City, Osaka, 570-8585, Japan
Hidefumi Yamaoka
Founded / Established
1956 / 1960
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40,000,000 yen

Patent, Design Right, ISO9001, ISO14001, Eco-friendly