Posted : May 06, 21

Category : Company

It's an amazing "Made in Japan" Tech! to prevent leaks from the container by KINKI YOKI

This is the state-of-the-art technology developed by Japanese SMEs.

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KINKI introduced an example of using product No. 1000 of the "Hi-Select" container series.

Applicable product: Silicone products

Problem: Metal cans were used, but they leaked

Request: Improvement of airtightness to prevent liquid leakage

Countermeasure: Changed to high airtight resin KINKI containers with sealing function.

Effect: Prevention of liquid leakage, improvement of workability at the manufacturing site.

(The capping of the container is of the stopper type, which reduces the work time from the screw type)

See the video for how to use it.


KINKI manufactures many other airtight containers. Utilizing the skills accumulated over 70 years in business, the company is responding to the diversifying demands of the industrial world.