Posted : Jul 13, 21

Category : Company / Event

MOBIO online exhibition is easy to understand! What does it mean to say, "Even SMEs can run WFH?"

Watch it from anywhere, on the Internet! That's what "MOBIO Online Exhibition" is all about. Enjoy videos of technical explanations by MOBIO exhibitors at your company or at home from your smartphone or PC!


The latest presentation is parepared by ACTWORKS CO., LTD.


ACTWORKS has received voices received from SME customers: "How can we make WFH possible?" "How can we enable WFH without a IT dept.?" "How can we manage information easily?"

To answer these questions, ACTWORKS developed the Manage Cube, a palm-sized device. All users have to do is to connect the device to their corporate LAN and install an application for five minutes to the computer used for WFH! Then customers are ready to use the PC for WFH and prevent information leaks.

Please study more by VIDEO.



And here is a "highlight video" in four minites for executives.