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Product line

Appliance to detect and block illegal devices

Manage Cube IP Guard


Koji Murabayashi

Description of business

Actworks Co., Ltd. is a company that offers total support for networks with a focus on personal computers. In response to customer feedback, Actworks developed an internal network “sentry” system called Manage Cube. Despite its small size, once connected to a company’s intranet, Manage Cube can detect and block unauthorized access.

Products and Technologies

Appliance to detect and block illegal devices - Manage Cube

Control access from PCs, smartphones, tablets, and wireless LAN to internal networks

●Simple settings for all
Connect Manage Cube to the LAN
Select access permissions from a displayed list of connected devices
Save list of devices that have been given access
Support from Actworks by phone for any questions

Manage Cube IP Guard Appliance Model

Easy, web-based settings

●Basic functions
Controls access to internal networks
- Permissions: Accessible
- Prohibited: Inaccessible
- Temporary permission: Accessible within time limit

●List of detected devices
Automatic detection using internal network connections. Useful for asset management.

●Email notifications (notifications about unauthorized access)
Sends information about connections by unregistered devices to specified email addresses

Backup list of devices using SQL
Import device list using CSV. Used for asset management.
Able to change Manage Cube IP addresses and passwords

Manage Cube IP Guard Server Model

More expanded functions than the Appliance Model

A more reliable server model is recommended for use in departments using different network.
●Up to 11 virtual images

Examples of virtual images startups for three computers
Cube 1 Image Production Department
Cube 2 Image Sales Department
Cube 3 Image General Affairs Department

●Redundant configurations
Possible with the use of functions on Windows Server

●Port VLAN function
Assigns each Manage Cube to multiple NIC ports on the server

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
1-6-25, Utsubo Honmachi, NIshi ku, Osaka city, 550-0004, Japan
Koji Murabayashi
Founded / Established
2001 / 2007
Company URL

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3,000,000 yen