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Product line

Manage Cube for an ideal remote working at low cost and secure communication

Manage Cube - PC Remote

Manage Cube - PC Record


Koji Murabayashi

Description of business

ACTWORKS offers total support through system design, utilization of solution core, provision of cost-cutting platform, and operational guidance.
Remote working operations can be realized securely at low cost by the Manage Cube series, developed to the market needs in the pandemic situation.

Products and Technologies

Safe, easy, and low-cost! Manage Cube series, an ideal device for remote work operation

The Manage Cube's extensive feature is capable to assist remote working from anywhere. Choose the one that best suits to the needs.

●Convenient functions for users
- "Manage Cube PC Remote" for easy connection to company PCs from remote locations (outside the company).
- "Manage Cube Wake on LAN" allows to turn on the registered company PC from outside.

●Useful functions for remote working managers
- "Manage Cube PC Record" for visualizing PC operations by remote workers.
- "Manage Cube IP Guard" to control access to office network from outside.

Easy and safe connection and operation to the company network from home (outside the company) PCs

Manage Cube PC Remote (easy installation, easy operation)

Easy external connections

1) Easy external connections

Manage Cube PC Remote allows operators to connect from home PCs to company PCs, network, or file server via the Internet and operate it, as if they were handling their company PCs.
The remote access VPN connection creates a tunnel from your home PC to the office network and encrypts the data in packets to prevent raw data from flowing on the network, enabling safe and comfortable use.

Strong security with encryption

2) Strong security with encryption

One of the benefits of using a remote access VPN is improved security through encryption.
All communications and user authentication data are encrypted using SSL to maintain security.

Provides managers with visibility of PC operations at remote working

Manage Cube PC Record (integrated management system)

Monitor remote working status


1) Operation check
Record PC operation at remote working status (file operations, device use, printing, etc.)

2) Screenshot Confirmation
Record screen images of PC operations (when logging on, operating a PC, etc.)

Device control


1) Operation time
PC sleeps or shuts down at the specified time.

2) Device control
Restricts the use of unregistered USB and removable disks.

Real time operation monitor


1) Remote access
Share the screen of the remote working PCs with the manager and operate it. Problems in operations can be grasped and resolved to improve efficiency.

2) Multi-screen management
Multiple screens at remote working can be displayed on the manager's screen at once.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
Fukusyo Osaka Bld. 8th Floor, 1-10-14, Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka city, 550-0003, Japan
Koji Murabayashi
Founded / Established
2001 / 2007
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3,000,000 yen