Posted : Jan 18, 22

Category : Company

Here it is! Act Works introduces Manage Cube, a low-cost, safe and ideal device for remote working with trial service program

ACTWORKS displayed its product line in the MOBIO booth annex, MY DOME OSAKA.




One of the countermeasures against COVID19 is to operate remote working. That's why connections from remote offices (outside the company) to corporate internal PCs and servers are drastically increasing. However, the main concern at many companies is "Is that safe?" Even if they wish to set up secured system, it's too expensive, too cumbersome, and requires a specialized IT department...


A small device called "Manage Cube" was developed by ACTWORKS in response to those demand. By simply being installed in an office or factory and being connected to the company's internal network system, Manage Cube allows only registered PCs to access the corporate network. A freel demo unit is available as trial for two weeks. And ACCTWORKS is currently looking for sales agents to expand its sales channels.

On VIDEO ACCTWORKS explains its product (the face mask was removed only during the recording).