Posted : Apr 08, 24

Category : Company

What? The rubber is scraped off! / AKITSU showcased at MY DOME

MY DOME OSAKA is located in Osaka city, and holds one MOBIO's "booth annex" in an entrance hall, where MOBIO exhibitors take turns displaying their products. In April it is AKITSU to show its technologies, the specialist in machining soft materials without the need for molds. Even the MOBIO Tech Hall character, Prince MOBIO, is amazed by!



P1280566.JPG P1280559.JPG

*"Machining Rubber" technology -> Speeding up development and prototyping and eliminating initial costs

*Processing of "soft materials" -> rubber and plastic
*Flexible response to design changes

*Possible to make prototypes -> with materials equivalent to those used in mass production


At the MOBIO Tech Hall, many soft material processed products are exhibited on the first floor. Please stop by the AKITSU booth!