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Product line

Rubber processing

Resin processing

Non-asbestos joint sheet processing


Mitsuharu Kusumoto

Description of business

AKITSU provides industrial rubber and resin cut products in small lots and short delivery times.
It also uses 3D data and makes full use of high-performance equipment such as machining centers, NC lathes, and water jets to manufacture and propose the products that meet the needs of customers.

Products and Technologies

The five things that AKITSU is particular about

Reliable and proven AKITSU responsiveness!

Lathe processed NBR (nitril-butadiene rubber) product

1.Speedy : Prompt response, even to sudden requests
They respond to consultations, even for deadlines that are considered impossible.

2.Variation : Offering both standard and the latest materials
They can also offer materials that usually are difficult to get because of their high cost.

3.Flexibility : Realization of the desired form
They can form materials into complicated forms that are thought to be impossible.

CNC lathe (4 axes)

4.Small lot : From small lot to mass production
They handle everything from small lot of 1 or 2 items to large lot.

5.Cost Performance : Production at an appropriate price
Small lot is produced by processing (cutting out, cutting, polishing/adhering).

3D cutting of rubber

Even rubber can be scraped if there is 3D data!

3D processed Urethane product (AKITSU characters)

AKITSU will provide cost estimation and production from 3D data.

Machining center (4 axes)

Even with rubbers, 3D shape processing is possible by making full use of the machining center.

Please feel free to contact AKITSU as its processing depends on the hardness, material and shape of the rubber.

Engineering plastic resin processing by AKITSU

AKITSU is ready to process plastic resin in-house in addition to rubbers!

POM (polyacetal) white type integrated processing

AKITSU is ready to process not only rubbers but also plastic resin in-house.

Especially for five type such as MC nylon / POM / ultra high molecular weight PE / Teflon (PTFE) / PEEK, AKITSU will respond to short delivery time in a same manner of rubber processing services.

MC nylon cube processing (large, medium, small integrated processing)

Please contact AKITSU for processing of rubber and resin together.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
3-7-4, Kusune, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 577-0006, Japan
Mitsuharu Kusumoto
Founded / Established
1978 / 1996
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10,000,000 yen

ISO9001,ISO45001 certified