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Meet the President #80: Solving problems with free ideas and developing in-house products / Cyber Craft

Fid out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview.

The latest "Meet the President" article is Mr. Ozaki of Cyber Craft Co., Ltd.


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- Measurement and control equipment, IoT systems


●A specialist group can develop plans meeting the needs of customers

image001.jpgカタログ用写真正面2.jpg AQ Flicker Tester


A group of computer technology experts have taken their first steps in the development of measurement and control devices. Cyber listens to the voice of the customer, considers where the problems lie and devises a system with the best solution. Its flexible ideas backed up by solid technical capabilities have made this possible.

Recently Cyber puts the most effort into is the AQ Flicker Tester. It is a fatigue assessment and management system that detects fatigue appearing in the human eyes. Since the data is managed by SD card, the fatigue of bus drivers can be measured at the site on a daily basis, and the data can be centrally managed at the headquarters. This is the result of the company's pursuit of user-friendliness from the perspective of actual customers.


●The goal is to become a manufacturer. The challenge continues.

Free discussion is essential for the development of in-house products. Ozaki said, "In order to create and think of new things, Cyber must not be rigid. If you are not free, you cannot come up with ideas." And they have developed nearly 10 of in-house products so far, including wireless measurement systems, 4-channel compact data loggers, and warehouse IoT.


6438.company_article.album_1_photo.p640.jpg Warehouse picking system

Ozaki believes nothing good can come from a manager making a difficult face. He said "I always try to treat my customers and employees with a smile, which has been important to me since the company was founded. Since Cyber is a system development company, my role is to raise the motivation of the developers. A company is built by its employees."

He is not afraid of change, but enjoys change with free ideas. It is safe to say that "new ideas and free thinking" are the foundation of Cyber's DNA.


Interviewed on July 8, 2021

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