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Meet the President #85: Powerful management sticking to the "middle of the line" for the company as well as for the industry / NAKAUMI INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview.

The latest "Meet the President" article is Mr. Taniguchi of NAKAUMI INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.

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- Fully threaded bars, flush cut rod, Single-end threaded bars, double-end threaded bars


●Clarify the company's direction with a philosophy. Communicating capabilities to build strong relationships.

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Mr. Taniguchi has a distinctive background, coming from a music industry. He has been working to break away from the Old Economy and create a framework for a more comfortable company. And now in the commercial industry, poeple noticed and said "NAKAUMI has changed a lot!"

"Let's stick to the middle of the line for the company as well as for the industry!" It is Taniguchi's desire for all employees to become materially and spiritually wealthy by simply and honestly following the right path and meeting obstacles head on, even if there are barriers along the way.


●Taking the initiative in terms of quality and production volume to boost the industry

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NAKAUMI has special processing technology in addition to the cultivated thread rolling technology. While the company is capable of manufacturing a variety of threaded bars from small lots, its top priority is knurling. By quantifying the coefficient of friction for each type of machining, the company hopes to clarify applications and promote safety.

The company manufactures large quantity of fully threaded bars per year at Japan and Vietnam plants. And it is one of the largest supply volumes in Japan.


As a fully threaded bar manufacturer, Taniguchi has been focusing on the DX and developed a new "web-based quotation & ordering system" as well. Its name is "NaKaNaKa", a unique name after the company name. 

With the lead of a former vocalist, a new formation of "corporate harmony" will continue to be played in the future. In Japan and in Vietnam.


Interviewed on February 22, 2022

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