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Meet the President #79: DIGITAL MEISTER provides manufacturing problem solutions with information processing technology

Fid out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview.

The latest "Meet the President" article is Mr. Fujikawa of DIGITAL MEISTER CO.,LTD.


degim_1.jpg 写真7_ストレスレベル評価装置.JPG

- Stress level assessment device, Blood pressure estimation device, Delirium screening device


●Helping to find the problem

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Currently, the core business of DIGITAL is software development for enterprises, and its strength lies in its ability to analyze and define requirements. It finds out the problems in customers' internal operations, identifies what customers are looking for, and proposes what is really required for customers. When the system is completed, the most rewarding part for DIGITAL is to hear comments from the customer, "This is exactly what we were looking for!"


Fujikawa said, "There are some managers who need to change something but don't know where the problem lies. DIGITAL's aim is to find out what the problem is and proposes a solution. So DIGITAL would like to actively communicate with manufacturing companies that are aware of some problem."


●Utilizing AI technology to enter the medical, welfare, and healthcare market

写真7_ストレスレベル評価装置.JPG Delirium screening.jpg

(L) Stress level evaluation device linking to a smartphone or tablet to display results

(R) Delirium risk screening device


Fujikawa has identified the fields of medical care, welfare, and health care as areas to exert particular strength in the future. These three fields will be even more necessary for society in the future, and DIGITAL should be able to make full use of the cultivated AI technology.


A wristwatch-sized, compact and lightweight device has been developed to measure electrocardiogram and pulse wave to estimate blood pressure and evaluate stress level. The measured data is stored and analyzed in the cloud, and advice and other information is provided to help healthcare. 

In the medical field, DIGITAL has also developed a delirium risk screening device that detects signs of delirium (a type of conscious mental disorder), which tends to occur after major surgery, and notifies nurses with an alarm. This device has been patented, and is currently undergoing improvements for widespread use, and is expected to be put to practical use in a better form.


Fujikawa is tragetting to make DIGITAL a company that can identify good uses and propose better systems for customers.


Interviewed on June 9, 2021

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