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Product line

Novelty gifts

Sales promotion giveaways

Candy premiums


Zenji Matsuba

Description of business

Bell Ganka plans, produces and sells toys and candy premiums. They also provide planning, production and sales services for sales promotions with free specially designed products.

Products and Technologies

Unique Toys and Candy Premiums

Products that Fuel Children’s Imaginations

Uniquely Designed Toys

No matter how much electronics come to dominate our lives, toys will always play an important part in bringing out the creativity—and laughter—in children. Bell Ganka develops such products for sales promotions that incorporate fun characters. The range of products includes toys, stationery and daily necessities.

Starting from uniquely designed molds, Bell Ganka uses carefully designed packaging and labeling to ensure promotional products carry a lasting impact. Their products are popular with businesses across a broad range of industries including advertising agencies, department stores, leading drug companies, major automakers, restaurants and amusement-related businesses.

To maintain low costs with high quality, Bell Ganka incorporates a complete quality process including inspection, product control and guidance at the local factory from the time the materials arrive until the final product is shipped. Time is always a factor in today’s world, and Bell Ganka’s fast-acting network accomplishes the job with confirmation and communication throughout the process.

Target Shooting and Hoop Toss Games

Target shooting with cork guns and hoop tosses are always favorites at fairs and carnivals. Ganka Bell has a range of combinations to meet any budget.
Target size:
69.5 cm high × 80 cm wide × 38 cm deep
Cork guns:
62 cm long
Hoop target size:
15.5 cm high × 100 cm wide × 59 cm deep
Hoop size:
14.5 cm diameter

Lucky Bags

A popular promotional gift idea at events and sales, particularly around the New Year holidays.
Lucky bag size:
39.5 cm high × 32 cm wide × 11.5 cm deep

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
3-7-32 Mizuhai, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 578-0921, Japan
Zenji Matsuba
Founded / Established
1965 / 1980
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25,000,000 yen

patent,Design Right