Osaka Omotenashi Guide

This guide introduces attractive Osaka.

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Monodzukuri B2B Network

Company information is sent to potential domestic and overseas customers in both Japanese and English via the Internet.

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Business Matching of Manufacturers between Overseas and Japanese small- and midium-sized company Globally,if the overseas Manufacturers are looking for their solustions for those Targets.


Overseas Customers are looking for
  • Outsourcing for Difficult Manufacturing, eg: Cutting, Molding, Forming etc
  • New Partner For Business Expansion
  • Assist for Prototyping or Pilot Production or small size Mass production.


[Transmitting and receiving company information]
  • Introducing superior technologies and products from companies who have the largest market share in Osaka.
[Provision of information for companies]
  • Quick and accurate feed back for inquiries from foreign companies, who request information from exhibitors's websites.
  • Providing information for overseas trade missions.