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Magnetic devices

Magnet cathcer

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Toru Shimonishi

Description of business

Since their founding, Shimonishi Seisakusho has explored the unlimited possibilities of magnets, working as a pioneer in the industry as the technology has expanded and demand has surged. Ready with a large inventory, they develop magnetic applications and office equipment hinges as well as selling those specialized products.

Products and Technologies

Cathode magnet

For vacuum thin film device

●Shimonishi's cathode magnet is made through scientific management

By use of simulation software analysis, Shimonishi is capable to create different magnetic field for various market demand, such as an unbalance magnetic field design and a balance magnetic field design.

Based on an exclusive simulation software to analyze magnetic field, at Shimonishi has set up a in-house integrated production systems: analyzing magnetic field, designing, manufacturing and measuring 3D magnetic field.

Lattice type magnet separator

Shimonishi designs and manufactures a high density magnet separator (a metal foreign matter removal system) for food service and other market.

- Its max. surface magnetic flux density is 1.2T( 12,000 gauss ) and is capable to detect stainless magnetic fine particles.
- Its permanent magnet is heat resistant type and works under high ambient temperature.

Powder separator

It is an ideal device to detect and remove a metal foreign matter from a powder.

- Simple structure for easy disassembling and cleaning.
- Compact size for space saving.
- Good to use at a section to process powders and granules of spices, flours, corns, beans.

High magnetic density holders

Shimonishi provides with compact magnetic holders with a high magnetic force, that are applicable at various needs. Heat resistant type is also available.

●Product range
Ultra high magnetic type: A neodymium magnet holder
Heat resistant magnetic type: A samarium-cobalt magnet holder

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
6-8-25 Wakaehigashi-machi, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 578-0935, Japan
Toru Shimonishi
Founded / Established
1968 / 1971
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10,000,000 yen

ISO9001, ISO14001,