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Tool holding fixtures and cutting tools (toolings)

Precision measuring devices


Joji Nakatani

Description of business

BIG DAISHOWA develops, manufactures and sells machine tool holding fixtures (tooling) and precision measuring devices. The company will continue to respond to the trust of customers with “high precision” and “high quality” products to support the world's manufacturing industry.

Products and Technologies

Mega Chucks

Pursuing the world's highest level of precision and efficiency

Tooling is a general term for a tool holding fixture attached to the spindle of a machine to hold cutting tools such as drills and end mills. The accuracy of tooling determines the machining accuracy of metal processing.

The MEGA CHUCK series was developed in 1994 in response to the increasing speed and precision of machines. By thoroughly pursuing the holder shape, screw accuracy, and tool balance, the series has been able to suppress vibration even during high-speed rotation, reduce wind noise and splashing of cutting fluid, and achieve both high rotation speed and high accuracy.

In addition, the company offers a wide range of other products such as boring, tappers, cutting tools, and measuring devices to meet a wide variety of user requirements.


Dynamic damper eliminates chatter

Smart Damper is a boring bar with built-in vibration damping mechanism. When boring deep holes or machining large workpieces, long tools are required. Longer and more flexible tools are more chattering, vibration-prone. If machining conditions are reduced to avoid chattering vibration, productivity will decrease, surface finish quality and tool life will also be a concern.

A special damper (weight) in the body instantly dampens vibrations caused by chatter during machining, enabling high-speed, high-efficiency machining even when machining with long tool projection.

The lineup includes not only small-diameter deep hole boring to large-diameter boring over φ200, but also smart dampeners for milling cutters.

Supporting Global Manufacturing

Japan's leading market share in tooling

Since its establishment in 1967, BIG has been delivering products to more than 40 countries around the world with the unchanged philosophy of "quality products to truly delight customers “. The company manufactures tooling, with the largest market share in Japan, and cutting tools, with over 40,000 different products in total.
Among them, tooling, holding tools mounted on machines and requiring accuracy of less than 1/1000 mm, is highly trusted around the world. DRILL TAPPER, developed in 1969 with Japan's first automatic torque adjusting system, was well received by users and is still a popular long-seller product to this day.

Big Plus Spindle System, a standard in the industry today, was developed in 1992. This is a two-sided restraint system for the part connecting the tooling to the machine spindle, which eliminates the gap between the machine and the tooling, enabling high-rigidity, high-precision machining. BIG’s specification to clamp the tool face was groundbreaking at a time when it was common practice to clamp only a tapered face (BT standard) and succeeded in strengthening the rigidity of the machines and increasing the machining accuracy by one rank.

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