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Sports equipment

Industrial safety and protective equipment

Optical instruments


Naoyuki Yamamoto

Description of business

Yamamoto Kogaku manufactures and distributes industrial protective equipment and sports equipment.
During the company's 100-year history, its core business has been in "eye protection." In addition to industrial protective equipment used in the manufacturing workplace, the company also boasts a large market share in the sports sector, such as for swimming goggles and sunglasses.

The company conducts integrated production, from inhouse design to manufacture and distribution. It utilizes its proprietary technology for controlling light, which it has developed over the course of the past century, and applies it to a wide range of areas, from industrial protective equipment, such as protective eyewear when using laser light, to sports sunglasses.
The company also offers high-value-added products which make full use of its surface treatment technology, such as hard-coat and water-repellent products.

Products and Technologies

Plastic Optical Lenses, Filter Design and Manufacturing Technology

Protecting Your Eyes

Hard Coatings and Anti-fogging

Yamamoto Kogaku was the first to develop film insert technology that enables film and polycarbonate to be molded together.

Under the Swans brand, Yamamoto Kogaku has developed eyewear for sports incorporating high-precision lenses, 1000 percent stronger than glass while being ultra-lightweight and resistant to shock. Also resistant to abrasion and scratches, these lenses do not distort light and are excellent choices for baseball, fishing, golf, marathons and other sports as well as for use in goggles for skiing and swimming.

Setting their sights on dust-proof and light-shielding glasses as well as laser filters, they have employed plastic filter manufacturing technologies to control the wavelength of light, introducing a new lineup of products that provide world-class functionality.

A wide range of products beyond eye protection, ranging from respirators and disposable masks to protective gear to prevent against dust and toxins as well as products fitted with electrical fans have been developed under the Yamamoto brand.

The TBR Fan System

With Micro Compact Electric Motor Fan

When participating in snow activities, fogging is always a problem.

This can diminish the ability to enjoy the snow.

After a serious investigation into the causes of fogging, Swans, developed the TBR system, a new way to prevent goggles from fogging.
The TBR system employs a miniature electric fan in goggles, placed in the shell of the upper frame to decrease the snow and slush that enters.
Easy to operate even when wearing ski gloves, this efficiently ventilates the moisture that causes fogging inside goggles.

A large air intake is also provided at the front of the frame for replacing the ejected moisture with fresh air.

This product is the only pair of goggles in the world equipped with an electric fan.

It received the Good Design Award.

Swans Sport Glasses and Goggles

A combination of Japanese aesthetics, tradition and high-end technology

Swans eyewear is made from polycarbonate for shock resistance 10 times stronger that of the glass used in helmets for astronauts.
Polycarbonate has the amazing property that its functionality is constant even in severe cold/hot temperature.
Produced using the first film integration molding technology in the world, the precision lenses are ultra-lightweight, resistant to shock, abrasion and scratching, and have superior optical performance.

•The lenses decrease UVA, UVB and UVC ultraviolet light by 99.9%.
•The polarizing lens controls glare due to the diffuse reflection of light.
•The water-repellent nature instantly disperses water drops, ensuring clear sight even with bad weather or perspiration.
•The spherical curvature of the lens follows the shape of the face, cutting wind resistance and preventing wind from being pulled inside the lens.
Light is also prevented from entering in from the side.

Aiming to realize the health and safety of workers along with a better environment

A lightweight face shield with an eyeglass frame

Weights only 26g ! Extremely light weigh model YF-800L

●Good measures against splash infection!
It features no shifting,light weight,easy to put on for workers in medical care and manufacturing.

1) "Over eyeglass type" : Users can put them over their own eyeglasses!
2) "Anti-fog processed shield": The shield is hard to fog even for users with face masks!
3) "Flexible eyeglass frame": The frame can be used regardless of face size: Just fits many people from women to men!
4) "One-touch replacement shield": Users can easily replace the shield by lifting the clips on the frame!

Non-porous Goggles

Non-porous goggles YG-5601

●Good measures against splash and dust infection!
The model has no ventilation holes and can be used with large eyeglasses.

1) Non-porous type: There is no vent in the frame to prevent infections and prevent intrusion of fine dust from the outside.
2) Wearable with large eyeglasses: It be placed over the large eyeglasses.
3) Choose from two shield types:
①PET-AF (Double-sided hard coat & Anti-fog processed)
②AP (Hard coat on the outside + Anti-fog on the inside)

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3-25-8 Chodo, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 577-0056, Japan
Naoyuki Yamamoto
Founded / Established
1911 / 1935
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