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Ceramic band heater

Small tube furnace

Electrical heating wire processing and heater unit


Masayoshi Kuroda

Description of business

OUJI SHOKAI sells materials for electric furnaces and electric heaters. Moreover OUJI designs, manufactures and sells electric heating wires and special heaters by utilizing its extensive information on the characteristics of heater materials.

Products and Technologies

Ceramic band heater

Various sizes of heaters can be manufactured

Ceramic band heaters

●Wide variety of heater sizes

Outer diameter of heated object: More than 60cm

Width (nominal size): multiple of 7.5mm + 2mm
and from December 2021, multiple of 7.5mm + 5.5mm is available

Thickness: 11mm, 15mm

Small tube furnace - good fit for measurement, analysis and test equipment

Effective for energy saving and rapid temperature rise

Small tube furnaces

There are two types: integrated type and double-split type.

The integrated type uses a ceramic pipe as the core tube, and the electric heating wire is directly wound around the outside of the pipe.
This winding method, developed by OUJI, enables low cost and rapid temperature rise.

Small tube furnace

OUJI's ceramic processing and nichrome wire processing technologies and special heat insulation materials realized energy saving, high performance, low cost and space saving.
It is ideal for measurement, analysis, and testing equipment, as well as various temperature control devices for research and plant factories.

Using OUJI's longstanding electric heating technology and technical expertise, it designs and manufactures small tube furnaces that meet the applications and needs of various industrial fields.

Various electric heating wire processing

Manufacturing by use of accumulated information and technology

Electric heating wire processing

OUJI can process nichrome wires, kanthal wires and other electric heating wires into any form including coil shape and wave shape.

Oxide coating and terminal connection processing are also available according to the application.

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1-27-1, Chiyozaki, Nishi-ku, Osaka city, 550-0023, Japan
Masayoshi Kuroda
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20,000,000 yen
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TM: CeraBH
KES Certification: Kyoto environmental management system certification