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Product line

Wire-cut EDM, small-hole EDM

Molds, mold parts, metal fabrication parts

Conductive ceramics machined parts, medical equipment parts


Kazunori Ohmoto

Description of business

MARUDAI SEIMITSU is a technical group specializing in wire-cut electric discharge machining. As long as the material is conductive, it can provide ultra-precise, high-precision finish with a short delivery time to satisfy customers.
MARUDAI accepts any request and study to process large parts or difficult-to-machine products.

Products and Technologies

Value-added products on offer with wire-cut technology

Specializing in ultra-precise and high-precision manufacturing with a short delivery time

Wire-cut electric discharge machines in a spacious and organized work area

MARUDAI's lineup of 15 wire-cut electric discharge machines meets every customer's needs.
This lineup features machines with machining accuracy specifications of ±2μm, machines with automated core removal robots, high-speed and small-hole electric discharge machines, and large machines with a maximum machining size of 750×500×310.

With both first- and second-class electric discharge machining (EDM) engineers on staff, MARUDAI is working towards improving the skills of their employees every day.

Improved accuracy in a layout that increases work efficiency

An automated system is used to operate wire-cut electric discharge machines at MARUDAI in night with the use of automatic wiring. Facilities equipped with automated core removal robot specifications achieve full automation throughout the process from setting workpieces to finishing.

MARUDAI is also able to handle short delivery times and high-precision machining, offering a level of sub-micron precision with the use of their traditional “scraping technology” (high planarity and sliding).

Wire EDM with a single-minded focus

Complex shapes and difficult processing? Leave them to MARUDAI SEIMITSU!

Vertically deformed processed product

Mating fit innovated by a group of specialized engineers with a single-minded focus on wire-cut EDM

・Filled with know-hows obtained from a single clamp chuck and no vises or special jigs
・Exquisitely precise, magic-like clearance
・Perfect combination of state-of-the-art equipment and skills of EDM engineer

Vertically deformed processed product with a maximum taper of 45°

Pivoting from questions on the ability to process difficult and complex shapes to surprising “It's done!” moments.

When processing vertically deformed shapes and tapered shapes, wires have a tendency to break. However, MARUDAI takes advantage of its many years of expertise with processing conditions and programming for equipment and facilities and taper calculation to offer a lineup of products that can satisfy every customer's needs.

Precise processing and uncompromising craftsmanship

Capability to process single items and small lots of conductive processing materials

Example of gear machining of a conductive ceramic that is difficult-to-machine material

・Don’t throw in the towel when thing seem impossible. Let MARUDAI give it a try…you've got nothing to lose!

Allow MARUDAI to handle the type of difficult processing that can only be accomplished with wire-cut EDM, such as thin walls and ultra-fine grooves.
As long as a current can pass through, MARUDAI can process graphite, conductive ceramics, stainless steel, Inconel, titanium, or any other material.

Ultra-precise and high-precision lie at the very heart of MARUDAI SEIMITSU and its staff.
They have a friendly, cooperative, and collaborative structure


・Encouraging employees to share and check the progress of work and offer proposals for improvement at morning meetings.
・Certification of all employees as first- or second-class EDM engineers
・Strict no-shoe policy and 5S activities in the company to create a pleasant working environment and improve work efficiency.

MARUDAI's policy is to be able to contribute to society and help people lead rich, fulfilling lives through high-quality manufacturing.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
3-13-38, HIshie, Higashi Osaka city, 578-0984, Japan
Kazunori Ohmoto
Founded / Established
1983 / 1990
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10,000,000 yen
Awards received
Certified“Excellent Companies of OSAKA”