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Product line

Metal baked coating, resin coating

Acrylic baked coating, melamine baked coating

Urethane coating, Prototype coating


Shigeyuki Okuma

Description of business

OKUMA COAT specializes in coating various metals, nonferrous metals and resins.
It provides solutions to customers' various problems, such as the material to be coated, quantity, variety, color scheme, design, delivery time and the size and complexity of the shape of the product, with OKUMA's optimal proposals and technical capabilities.

Products and Technologies

Solutions to all kinds of coating problems are OKUMA’s strength!

OKUMA’s technical competence in a mindset to achieve the impossible

Coating on pipe interior and exterior

There are several reasons why OKUMA has mastered the art of meeting delivery and quality conditions that other companies cannot.
●Defects and other problems resolved with clean coating for dust shutoff
OKUMA has achieved a defect rate of less than 1% with the complete removal of the greatest enemy of coating, using a special visualization system for dust.
●Proposals on optimal coating for materials
OKUMA can achieve the best coating techniques, coating types and management methods at optimal costs.

Dust-free coating

●Capable of handling quantity, delivery, variety, and quality
OKUMA can complete the process of coating any type of object, from mass-produced products to prototypes and coat prototypes in as little as one to 90 minutes, to meet a wide variety of customer needs.
●Ideas and suggestions originating on sites
Staff at OKUMA consult with customers on inquiries and customize the unimaginable right on the coating floor.

Achieving customer satisfaction with “four optimizations” proposals

The ability to solve problems is simply expertise engineered from responding to needs

UV coating

1.Optimal coating techniques
OKUMA offers the most optimal techniques for each material and requirement, ranging from air spray coating, electrostatic coating (including powder), fluidized bed coating, electrodeposition coating, spindle coating, rotary coating and a variety of other coating methods.

2.Optimal coating materials
OKUMA selects optimal coatings according to the material and usage conditions based on their experience with melamine, acrylic, fluorine, urethane, silicone, and a variety of other types of coatings.

Showroom featuring displays of different coated products

3.Optimal management
OKUMA is one of the few ISO-certified factories in the Japan coating industry and is systematically engaged in all stages from process management to the development of human resources to achieve continuous, stable and optimal management that meets customer demands.

4.Optimal cost
OKUMA does not aim at the impossible to reduce costs, and instead offers coating at optimal costs based on the above three optimal management aspects from a long-term perspective and continuous vision of safety and security.

Total quality control and a steady challenging spirit!

New ideas hatched from curiosity to transform coating common sense

Robot coating (3 machines) for uniform and event color coating of complex-shaped objects

・Introduction of coating robots to handle complex and limited shapes for air spray and electrodeposition coating
・Achievement of coating for tires and other rubber products and soft materials without cracks in the coating film, developed through trials.
・Color conversion of cationic electrodeposition coating, which is generally black and grey
・Rare acquisition of ISO9001 certification in the Japan coating industry and establishment of quality control systems

Production of OKUMA's original brand SPAZIO and SOUKI products

SPAZIO and SOUKI, OKUMA's original brand fabricated from collaboration between the skills of master painters and designers
・SPAZIO clocks specialized for gifts that can be selected according to the recipient’s preferences. Lineup of hanging and table clocks in seven different colors.

・SOUKI vessels and objects designed to reflect the appeal of a painter’s sensitivity and skilled techniques.Metal coating texture on the surface of resin vessels.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
3-2-57, Nunoichi-cho, Higashi Osaka city, 579-8004, Japan
Shigeyuki Okuma
Founded / Established
1992 / 2000
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30,000,000 yen