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Product line

Vinyl-insulated tracer cable: “Location Navi Wire”

Plug safety cover: “The Spats”

Power cable with plug


Hitomi Kosasa

Description of business

KOYO ELECTRIC CABLE manufacturers vinyl electrical cables for indoor use. It employs an integrated system for manufacturing a range of products from cables to cables with plugs and connectors.
KOYO has also developed a unique type of cable with a conductive vinyl chloride material coating that helps improve work efficiency in detecting pipes underground.

Products and Technologies

Tracer Cable: “Location Navi Wire”: Essential for quick and precise excavation work!

Achievement of a superior level of detection performance and improved work efficiency with the development of "the industry’s first new PVC material" to replace synthetic rubber used in traditional products.

Easily detect the position and length of PVC, PE, and other non-metal pipes underground with the use of cable detectors.

●Easy to locate: Improved conductivity for better detection capability
●Easy to handle: Better yield than conventional products
●Increased efficiency: More accurate excavation and less waste

Configuration of the cable covered with new PVC material and example of installation on non-metallic pipe

Unique functional cable covered with a conductive vinyl chloride material!

●Improved durability
Significant improvement in vulnerabilities to bacteria underground and various chemical contaminants. Overcomes disadvantages of common locating cables produced with synthetic rubber materials.
●New PVC material
Features a number of required functions, including low resistance value, high durability and flexibility, and resistance to chemicals and contaminants
●Expanded applications of conductive-coated cables
Expanding market for sensor cables, special earth cables, cables for protective fences for vermin, and nets for pests! Please contact KOYO for questions about application.

Plug safety cover “The Spats”

Prevents terrifying power outlet fires

Take care with the electrical appliances that we need in our everyday lives, whose plugs stay plugged in!!
Protect yourself and those you love from frightening power outlet fires.

●Prevention is better than cure

Fires can be caused by dust and moisture. KOYO developed “The Spats” safety plug cover to prevent tracking fires. The Spats provides a double layer of protection for the plug itself and the plug pins!

(1)Double coverage of plugs and outlets
(2) Tightly adheres to shut out dust and moisture
(3) Compatible with various Japanese plugs
(4) Flame-retardant electrically insulated rubber used

Lineup of other vinyl electrical cables and related products

KOYO manufactures a variety of cables for a diverse range of industries

Vinyl cables
Vinyl cab tire cables
Vinyl cab tire cables
Microphone cables
Automotive cables
Plug and connector machining

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
Haizuka 3-6-13, Daito city,
Hitomi Kosasa
Founded / Established
1955 / 1958
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