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Product line

Custom-made industrial machine knives and cutting tools

Carbide metal saws, round knives, slitter blades

PCD end mills, drills


Munetaka Kamiya

Description of business

KAMIYA is a manufacturer of industrial machine knives and special cutting tools.
Since its founding 70 years ago, KAMIYA has constantly updated its fusion of cutting-edge equipment and unique machining technology, leveraged by skilled engineers to deliver optimal blades for diverse customer applications and operating environments.

Products and Technologies

Manufacturer specializing in custom-made industrial blades

Quality proven in over 1,000 cases per year

Metal saws for semiconductor dicing

KAMIYA responds to all kinds of cutting and machining needs of its customers.
The manufacturing technology and abundant expertise cultivated over the 70 years since its founding has been highly evaluated by domestic and overseas companies alike. The integration of cutting-edge processing machines and human craftsmanship enables KAMIYA to produce custom-made industrial blades and special cutting tools of unprecedented high quality.

First of all, KAMIYA would like to hear from customers.

As a manufacturer specializing in custom-made industrial blades, KAMIYA aims to be a 100-year company. With the times and innovations, there is no longer an absolute right answer, but we will continue to search for the right answer and update it together with customers.

KAMIYA's blade consultants will carefully listen to the needs of customers and provide them with the most suitable blades.

KAMIYA's technical capabilities

Pursuing ultra-fine grinding with evolving high-precision processing technology

PCD forming cutter

With a customer-first spirit, KAMIYA always keeps in mind "what we have to do to make it possible" in terms of availability, quality, and delivery time, and accumulates results on a daily basis. KAMIYA has a manufacturing plant with flexible tailor-made production system based on a flexible and unique production management system.

3D measuring microscope

Based on this principle, the company is constantly introducing state-of-the-art equipment, improving the skills of its craftsmen, and passing on skills to younger workers.
Continually updating equipment and human resources in order to be of service to society, KAMIYAe will continue to pursue the improvement of its technical capabilities to solve customers' problems.


Technology combining environmental load and cost reduction

Special Eco Band Saw

This eco knife has the potential to revolutionize the production environment by reducing the amount of chips generated during cutting by more than 99%.  
Ideal for dicing semiconductors and electronic parts, slitting EV battery parts, cutting smart phones and automotive displays, and slitting food products.

Eco-knife, an original product developed by the company, is suggested for cutting and shaving things that are indispensable in modern life. Shapes range from round circles to rods and band saws, and are custom-made to suit the customer's needs.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
4-10-23, Hirano nishi, Hirano ku, Osaka city, 547-0033, Japan
Munetaka Kamiya
Founded / Established
1953 / 1968
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4,500,000 yen