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Product line

Thin-sectioning of composite materials and new materials

Thin sectioning of rocks, urinary stones, bones, teeth, etc.

Thin sectioning for simultaneous observation of biological hard and soft tissues


Rie (Tanaka) Tajiri

Description of business

TAJIRI THIN SECTION LAB. offers technology to polish objects thinly enough to enable microscopic observation. The company is capable to thin section various materials, such as industrial composite materials, rocks and animal tissues with different hardness or moisture content. Also, in X-ray resistant tissues, polished samples for chemical analysis are prepared.

Products and Technologies

Is the quality of the prepreg appropriate?

New discoveries through internal visualisation!

Carbon fiber prepreg defective part flake 1

Prepreg, made from multiple layers of carbon fiber, is a light and strong material widely used in rockets, aircraft, golf shafts and other applications, but it cannot be cut into thin strips to observe its internal structure.

However, TAJIRI's thin sectioning allows detailed microscopic observation of the density and distortion within the prepreg.

Carbon fiber prepreg defective part flake 2

Why don't you observe the inside of prepreg, which until now could only be checked by strength tests? Gaps and deviations in the internal structure can also be checked.

●Recommended Industries for use
For companies considering the use of various composites and new materials, the characteristics of their microstructures can be analysed by thin sectioning.
We hope you will take advantage of TAJIRI.

Materials with different hardness and moisture content can also be thinned!

Unique soft-tissue-to-native-solidification technology

Thin section of brittle star

The arms of brittle star living in the sea are made up of many bones and muscles. The tissue, including water, can be uniformly hardened using TAJIRI's original solidification technology and made thinner by polishing.

The same applies to industrial products. Their hardness is variable, but they can be polished to a uniform thickness to observe the inside under a microscope.

Brittle star arm flake

This is a magnified image of the arm of brittle star. The dark bones and taut muscles can be seen, as can the joints

TAJIRI's proprietary technology enables simultaneous thinning of hard and soft tissues.
With over 40 years of accumulated expertise and skilled techniques, TAJIRI offers "new discoveries".

TAJIRI is challenging to thin section new materials!

Chemical analysis is possible for tissues that can withstand X-rays.

Urolithic stone flakes (Polarized light microscope image)

TAJIRI's thin section technology can also be used to kidney stones formed from the kidney to the urinary tract.

Until now, it has not been possible to analyze the contents of kidney stones in detail, but today it is possible to observe the internal structure of the stones by preparing thin sections, and by performing microscopic polishing, pinpoint chemical analysis of each observed structure can be performed.

Tooth (labyrinth) flake

Through the development of material thinning technology over many years, TAJIRI is capable of thinning composite materials mixed with resin and fiber, and thinning hard and soft tissues by resin embedding.

●Technology examples
1) Flame polishing method
Thinning down to 5μm while protecting various materials with a rock frame.
2) Resin impregnated tissue thinning method 
Simultaneous thinning of hard and soft tissues by replacement dehydration method, etc.

● Available test specimens
1) Material is polished to a thinness of 5 to 30 μm and can be observed with a transmitted light or polarized light microscope
2) Specimens with pinpoint chemical analysis are available for materials with different structures in each part

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