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Mils Inc.

Product line

Siteglass report: Monthly growth analysis

Siteglass chart: Site visitor traffic

Web improvement consultancy: Analysis and results


Yoshihiko Sato

Description of business

Mils Inc. helps companies utilize their Web sites and provides them with the tools they need. As a result, companies can attract new customers, create systems to increase sales, and attract talented employees.
There was a case of a B2B site, exceeding 100 million yen from almost no sales. And it released numerous books on access analysis and web improvement.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
Mils Inc.
2-2-5-608, Higashi Tenma, Kita ku, Osaka city, 530-0044, Japan
Yoshihiko Sato
Founded / Established
2009 / 2018
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(Japanese) (

10,000,000 yen