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Product line


Stainless steel electropolishing


Shinichiro Ninomiya

Description of business

KOKUBU GIKEN focuses on treating metal surfaces, primarily through various types of anodizing (aluminum anodizing) and electropolishing of stainless steel.
Its techniques respond to customers’ diverse needs, being used in a wide range of fields, from automotive and precision machinery, to telecommunications, construction, and home appliances.

Products and Technologies

Anodizing with high-mix, low-volume production

Makeup on aluminum!

Anodizing process adjusted individually for each component

●Achieving the desired level of aesthetics

・Rich lineup of colorful variations: Five colors are available at all times for anodizing (aluminum anodizing): achromatic, black, red, gold and green.
・Duralumin treatment: Able to treat duralumin, which is generally regarded as unsuitable for anodizing, such as 2017 and A7075.
・Available sizes (mm): 500 W x 700 L x 550 H
・Available optional treatments: Buffing, blasting, chemical polishing, hairline finishing

●Value-added techniques developed by its expertise in treating metal surfaces

・Characteristics of aluminum materials: Although light and resistant to rust, aluminum is a soft material that can be easily scratched and is prone to corrosion in certain environments.

・In KOKUBU’s anodizing process, the material’s surface is coated with an oxidized film that is stronger and more durable than in its original state, transforming the aluminum material into one with even better resistance to wear and corrosion.

Stainless steel electropolishing with high-mix, low volume production

Stainless steel with glossy finish!

Electropolishing with hairline finish

●Improving the aesthetics of stainless steel

・Available polish: Ranging from shiny to matte
・Compatible with a wide range of SUS materials: Able to treat most stainless steel materials with compatible stainless steel electropolishing.
・Processable size mm: 400 (width) X 1,500 (length) X 550 (height)
・Available optional treatments: Buffing, blasting, hairline finishing

Hairline finish available

●Value-added techniques developed by its expertise in treating metal surfaces

・KOKUBU’s process: A direct current is applied to the product (stainless steel) as an anode in an electrolytic polishing solution to electrochemically dissolve the surface in microns.
・Treatment results: Protruding metal parts are dissolved first due to the properties of the electrolytic polishing solution, resulting in a smooth, glossy surface.

Processing technology detecting and responding to surface changes

Technology that lives up to its individual touch

Valuing craftsmanship

●Flexible support

Its many years of professional experience and skills as a company specializing in treating metal surfaces allow KOKUBU to manipulate treatment conditions as it wants to achieve a sparkling finish.

Corporate Profile

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1-16-22,Tanabe,Kashiwara-City, 582-0024, Japan
Shinichiro Ninomiya
Founded / Established
1966 / 1966
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